Christian Stalberg

Christian Stalberg currently manages Enersim, Ltd., a building energy performance simulation and training company. His interest in sustainability, i.e. ecovillages, comes from having grown up off the grid and a 10+ year career in disaster recovery and hazard mitigation where he worked with both the private and public sectors in recovering from anthropocentric and natural disasters. Before energy modeling and disaster work, Christian had another career in telecomputing beginning in the early 1980s working with personal computers and what eventually became known as the internet. An ‘early adopter’, Christian was a member of California Certified Organic Farmers and subscribed to Communities magazine in the 1970s. Having worked for both the public and private sectors over many years, he has started and sold several businesses and worked for local, state and federal government. Areas of additional subject matter expertise and experience include: management; technology policy; appropriate technology; international development; cooperatives; renewable energy; animal husbandry; organic farming and gardening; horticulture; and, entrepreneurialism. Christian helped found Hart’s Mill, an ecovillage currently planned in Efland, NC.

2016 Convergence Panel: Tales from the Trenches: Realities of Intentional Communities