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Please help build an inclusive and representative movement for sustainable and resilient communities by supporting our Indiegogo Campaign to raise money for our Convergence Equity and Inclusion Scholarship Fund. Communities of color, our young people and those of us living in under-resourced neighborhoods are hit first and worst by economic breakdown, climate change and environmental crises — and often have the most knowledge about what solutions are really working on the ground in their place.

Permaculture and sustainability movements are working to become not just more diverse and truly representative of all members of our society, but are also learning to listen to their wisdom.

Please donate today! We have some fantastic perks available if you contribute, from permaculture consulting to free PDC’s to personally signed books written by Richard Heinberg, Christopher Shein, Pacha’s Pajamas and may more!

van_jones_logo“Diversity is a core principle in creating living systems. That’s why I’m glad the Permaculture community is working hard to include more people of color and youth at the upcoming Building Resilient Communities Convergence. Cultural diversity will lead to a better conference which will produce a more resilient movement.”


-Van Jones, Bestselling Author, Founder of Green For All, Rebuild The Dream & Ella Baker Center for Human Rights

 Consider the Impact:

The potential for this goal is extraordinary: Imagine the connections, solidarity and partnerships that will happen when community organizers from Hunters Point discuss collaboration opportunities with permaculture designers from San Francisco; when Transition leaders from Albany discuss community organizing strategies with Urban Tilth program staff.

This kind of trust ­building, in­ person interaction and bridge building to foster collaborations of impact, will be made possible with your support. Please consider supporting this unique opportunity today.

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2013 and 2015 Convergence Impact:

Conference organizers acknowledge that previous years Permaculture and Transition conferences have not been reflective of the Bay Area’s rich cultural and ethnic diversity. In 2013 and 2015  the Building Resilient Communities Convergence event worked with Alli Chagi-Starr, Pandora Thomas and other superstar organizers to bring on an exciting line-­up of longtime change-makers doing innovative and courageous resilience work in their communities, including:

K2015_NCPTC_slider-21onda Mason, co-­founder of HUB Oakland (2013)

John Trudell, author and longtime leader for indigenous justice (2013)

Doria Robinson, Urban Tilth co-founder (2013 and 2015)



1528617_599777923426057_1334830481_nMateo Nube and Ellen Choy from Movement Generation, a leading organization working with diverse communities;

  • Calgary Brown, Impact Hub Oakland (2015)

Kelly Carlisle, Acta Non Veba Farm (2015)