Learning from Our Indigenous Friends, Teachers & Allies

Learning from Our Indigenous Friends, Teachers & Allies

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Let us reconnect with Mother Earth and one another through Love and honour. We can relate to ecosystems as designers (we can create change in a place); we can also relate to Mother Earth with humility (we can be changed by a place through our co-creation). Together, these approaches may strengthen our collective potential for transformation and healing.

Bonita will share some of what she has learned as a non-Indigenous person from Indigenous friends (mostly Anishnaabek people from Turtle Island) while facilitating permaculture courses and convergences in Ontario.

In the interactive portion of this workshop, explore your relationship with the places that you steward. Reconnect through body, breath and deep listening. We all have an important part in taking care of and protecting Mother Earth, life and humanity.

Presented By: Bonita Ford

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