The 2017 Permaculture Convergence is exciting to be featuring a Visionary Art Zone this year! The Visionary Art Zone will be having LIVE painting, and showcasing the art work of Lindy Kehoe, John Hutton, and Michael Lott.

Join us for the Co-Creative Community Art Circle held in the Visionary Art Zone on Friday Oct. 6th at 3pm!


Lindy Kehoe is an award winning visionary artist who has done several art exhibitions across the country and whose work has been featured in magazines such as Spirituality and Health and Collab Magazine. She has also displayed her work at various festivals including Beloved Music Festival, Harmony Festival, Peace Village and several others. “My work is inspired by serendipity, a momentary feeling of interconnected magic, that often feels like a dream. I am motivated to created images that bring peaceful energy to the viewer, a place of remembrance, a place of innocence.” For more of Lindy’s work, check out
Michael Lott is a visionary abstract artist whose work is heavily inspired by his travels, our relationship with nature and our movement towards spiritual integration, and by the worlds opened up to him via dreams and the collective unconscious. The unique style that Michael’s work takes on is inspired by synesthesia, a “neurological phenomena” in which Michael’s senses overlap and he perceives music and sound visually as a flowing, interwoven dance of colors and abstract patterns. Michael believes that his work holds rich subconscious symbolism, and that it can be seen as a foreign yet universally familiar language. For more of Michael’s work, check out 
John Finlay James Hutton is a self taught artist who has been practicing visual art as long as he can remember. With an avid interest in design work he decided to pursue an education in Architecture. Early on in his architectural studies he stumbled across a book about natural building and was instantly obsessed. After completing two degrees and working for about a year in a large architecture firm he knew that he needed a change. That’s when he chose to reach out to a natural builder: Lydia Doleman asking how to enter that world. A month later he quit his job to help build a two story cob house in the Applegate Valley. Simultaneously he discovered the concept of Permaculture and was hooked. After intensely studying natural building and Permaculture design and working for various farms for a number of years he became involved in political activism.nWhen he discovered the struggle at Standing Rock he knew that he had to use his skills to offer support. He spent over a month in North Dakota, two trips spanning November to January, helping to construct winterized shelters; taking a break to participate in various protests occurring in Denver. After settling back into the farming world in the Pacific Northwest he decided to refocus on his most fundamental passion: making art. Now he is looking use his art to bring awareness to the various forms of systematic oppression taking place across the world.

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