Organizing Team

The Convergence is a collaboratively organized event involving multiple individuals who come from and represent multiple organizations.

The 2016 North American Permaculture & Building Resilient Communities Convergence is a 501(c)(3) fiscally-sponsored project under Empowerment Works.

The Stellar 2016 North American & Building Resilient Communities Convergence Organizing Team

Jay Markert (“Jay Ma”)

Team Roles :: BRCC Co-Founder, Co-Producer, Co-Organizer, Co-Production Manager
Affiliations :: Living Mandala – Executive Director, Director of Programs; Empowerment Works – Director of Sustainability Education & Events; Fiscal Sponsorship Team Co-Chair; Building Resilient Communities Convergence – Co-Founder, Production Manager

Jay Ma BodhgayaJay is a regenerative design consultant, educator, permaculture teacher, community organizer, event producer, and social entrepreneur. Jay works with organizations, businesses and communities designing, organizing, and facilitating projects, trainings, events, and initiatives for personal, ecological and social transformation in the West Coast, the United States, and internationally. He has co-produced or facilitated over 100 educational programs, conferences and community development projects for over 15 years with many different organizations and was co-producer and production manager of The Global Summit IV: Women, Power, Money, & Politics in 2014, is the co-founder and production manager of the Building Resilient Communities Convergence, and has held a lead role on the NorCal Permaculture Convergence Organizing Team for the past 6 years.

Koreen Brennan

Team Roles :: NAPC Co-Founder, Co-Producer, Program, Outreach, Sponsorships, Community Partners, Scholarships
Affiliations :: Permaculture Design International, Grow Permaculture, Permaculture Institute of North America, The Next Big Step, Oglala-Lakota Cultural and Economic Revitalization Initiative

koreenKoreen has facilitated learning, cooperative endeavors, events, and community organizing for over 20 years. She has worked in many climates and cultures internationally, with governments, non-profits, businesses, projects, and communities to incorporate models of regenerative design. Her passion is to bring about positive evolution through regenerative systems design and has found that one of the more effective way to do that is to work with many others of like mind on collaborative projects. She co-owns and manages a permaculture farm in Florida that is built through creative community participation and is involved in a number of other collaborative endeavors locally and internationally.

Susan Silber

Team Roles :: BRCC Co-Founder, Co-Producer, Crowdfunding Coordinator, Program & Outreach Team
Affiliations :: NorCal Community Resilience Network Founder, Nature’s Voices Project Director.

SusannLunaSusan Silber has been an environmental educator and community organizer for the past 25 years with more than a dozen organizations, including the United States Peace Corps, Hostelling International and Acterra. She is the co-creater of many innovative programs working to build resilience and educate youth and adults about the environment, including the Green Star Schools program with the Green Schools Initiative, Y-Bike program with the YMCA, Transition Berkeley and more. In 2013 Susan founded the NorCal Community Resilience Network, one of the major sponsors of the 2016 Building Resilient Communities Convergence.

Delia Carroll

Team Roles :: Co-Production Manager, Village Commons Co-Coordinator
Affiliations :: Women’s Permaculture Leadership Initiative, West Coast Women’s Permaculture Gathering

Deliah2 copyConceived in Pennsylvania, born in California, Delia Carroll is a hardy pioneer species deeply rooted in the humus of Bay Area counterculture. She has a degree in the art of living and diverse skills within the business, artistic and familial realms. She is a devoted plant mistress, a high quality organizer and an agent for regenerative social systems.

A founding member of the 13 Moon CoLab,, she works to awaken people to their own agency in the creation of a world based on the Permaculture Ethics of Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share.

Lindsey Morriss

Team Roles :: Program Coordinator
Affiliations :: The Global Summit 2014 – Cultural Director, Spirit Path Healing & Dance – Founder

LindseyLindsey Morriss is a regenerative culture event producer, an embodied awakening expert, Dancing Freedom™ facilitator, spiritual counselor, healer, and gardener. She is an exceptional regenerative culture, embodied dance and ritual event producer and facilitator for groups on conscious evolution and connecting with nature. Lindsey was co-producer of HiveMind through The Evolver Network, the Cultural Director for The 2014 Global Summit, and the creator of BirthDance 2012 – a movement, meditation and dance event honoring our birth as a collective humanity.


Molly Hoffman

Team Roles :: Outreach and Graphics Manager, Community Partnerships Coordinator
Affiliations :: PLACE For Sustainable Living – Events Steward; NorCal Community Resilience Network Steering Council

MollyHoffman_HeadshotMolly Hoffman is an event producer and community organizer with a background in Permaculture Design, Visual Arts and Placemaking. Her work is driven by the understanding that the equity and health of people are not mutually exclusive to the health of our planet. She’s most passionate about events that use the “social glues” of our world—food, art, music—as catalysts for change. She’s currently serving as the Events Steward at PLACE For Sustainable Living in Oakland, and is on the Steering Council for the Northern California Community Resilience Network.

Jasmine Fuego

Team Roles :: Performing Artists Coordinator, Scholarship Coordinator, Program Team
Affiliations :: Permaculture Action Network, Mindful Life Project, THRIVE East Bay

JasmineCo-Founder of the Permaculture Action Network and Bay Area based Performance Artist, Jasmine is an animated mover, shaker and cross pollinator dedicated to bridging entertainment, education and ecology to bring about a just and generative cultural narrative. Jasmine specializes in social permaculture, currently facilitating at the Regenerative Design institute in Bolinas, Ca and also does mindfulness training with elementary students in Richmond, Ca. Her non-profit has hosted more than 55 Permaculture Action Days, hubs and courses nation wide, bringing ecological education and action to thousands of concert and festival goers across the nation. More info on Jasmine can be found at:

Wanda Stewart

Team Roles :: Program Team, Diversity Co-Coordinator
Affiliations :: Obsidian Farms

WANDAWanda Stewart is an urban farmer and homesteader, educator, mother of twins and comrade to many in the movement to educate and inspire others to grow their own food and communities.  She believes that the skills to grow food and medicine, to maintain a healthy body, mind and spirit, and to live cooperatively and communally, are essential to our collective survival. She is committed especially to working with other African Americans to reframe our shared history, trauma, and greatness through the act of legacy gardening.  Starting with (permaculture) Zone 00, Wanda is creating Obsidian Farm – her land in the flatlands of Berkeley, CA that models a new way of living in an urban environment. Specializing in garden-centered wellness, visionary program development, and the facilitation of courageous conversations about race and our environment, she knows in her heart that we must “grow the power.”

Kat Parkin

Team Roles :: Publicist, Sponsor Coordinator, Co-Marketing Coordinator, Co-Vendor Coordinator, Crowdfunding Team, Website support
Affiliations :: Off Playa Productions, Berkeley Spark

KatA publicist and marketing manager by trade, Kat is also a community organizer, social innovation leader, environmental and art educator, and project manager. She grew up tending her grandparents’ urban organic garden in Vallejo, CA and fell in love with the mint, plums and tomatoes at an early age.  She spends her time fermenting vegetables from her garden and empowering people of all ages and working with community groups and businesses — connecting people locally, nationally and worldwide through healthy solutions, food, art, music, nature and technology and she’s thrilled to be promoting this year’s permaculture Convergence.

Mario Yanez

Team Roles :: NAPC Co-Organizer, CFO
Affiliations :: Permaculture Design International, North American Permaculture Convergence

MarioMario Yanez has dedicated his life’s work to envisioning and inspiring a transition toward life-sustaining, resilient human communities. He has a professional background in finance, information systems and ecology. Mario has several decades of experience applying systems thinking in nonprofits, developing and funding cutting-edge programming. As an educator, Mario creates provocative and relevant active-learning curriculum supportive of a much-needed cultural evolution. As a Permaculture practitioner, he is applying design at various scales, implementing regenerative productive landscapes, enterprises, and organizational and social systems. Mario is native to the Greater Everglades bioregion and is well versed in tropical/sub-tropical food production.

Lisa Berry

Team Roles: Graphic Designer, Social Media Manager, Co-Marketing Coordinator
Affiliations: Wish Media, Permaculture Magazine North America

LisaLisa Berry has been doing graphic design and marketing for values-aligned businesses for the past 10 years, and opened up Wish Media, a home-based marketing business in Hudson Valley, NY, about two years ago. With a mission of helping raise public awareness of pertinent issues such as Permaculture and related fields that are of great concern to her, she has worked with clients including Permaculture Magazine, North America, Gaia University, Paul Wheaton and, and Oikos Tree Crops, to name a few.  In addition to focusing her professional career on Permaculture and the like, Lisa is also a homesteader with Hugelkultur garden beds and a lot of food preservation experience.  She firmly believes that “Greening the World” can change everything about our planet and how we relate to it, and hopes to inspire others to walk the path of Permaculture in as many ways as is possible for them.

Brandi Mack

Team Roles: Community Outreach Team
Affiliations: Butterfly Movement, NorCal Community Resilience Network Steering Council

BrandiBrandi Mack is a holistic health educator, therapeutic massage therapist, and permaculture designer. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Human Service Management, and a certification from Starhawk’s Earth Activist Training. Brandi is motivated to work in community, particularly with young people and is the co-founder of the Butterfly Movement, committed to Reframing, Reconnecting, Regenerating and Reactivating, women and girls as they Rebuild their personal and land ecology all over the planet.

Rhonda Baird

Team Roles :: NAPC, Outreach, Community Partnerships

rondaRhonda Baird is a permaculture teacher working actively in the Midwest since 2005. She practices design through Sheltering Hills Design and is an assistant editor for Permaculture Design magazine. Her nonprofit work includes serving as Board President for the Center for Sustainable Living in southern Indiana; serving as treasurer for the Great Rivers and Lakes Permaculture Institute  (a regional hub for PINA); and serving on the diploma committee for PINA  She weaves her permaculture work together with care for a small suburban system replete with a teen and a homeschooled younger son; a passion for Nature Connection practices; and fiber arts.

Joshua Angelo Silva

Team Roles :: Village Commons Co-Coordinator
Affiliations :: Gnome Your Garden –  Ecological Homestead Consultant/Educator, Empowering Earth – Facilitator,  Earth Rites Collective – Event Producer/Ceremonialist

joshua copyJoshua Angelo Silva, is a facilitator, permaculture educator, ecological designer, event producer, and a seeker of shamanic traditions. He is an active community organizer often found collaborating and co-creating throughout Sonoma County and the Greater Bay Area. Joshua is passionate in stewarding the human consciousness that reignites, empowers, and activates the inner spirit in conjunction with ecological resonance. He loves to network and help connect people and projects in the community ecosystem.

Julie “Bird” Moore

Team Roles :: Worktrade Coordinator, Assistant Production Manager

JulieBirdJulie “Bird” Moore is an Oregon farm born self-evolutionary working on multi-faceted levels while tending inner and outer gardens as a Mother, an interpersonal life path consultant with over 20 years of experience, a multiple demographic event producer, and a visionary business manager based in the Pacific Northwest. Leading by example she has gained extensive experience on her action-learning life path including: traveling to all 50 states while working and volunteering at various music festivals, gatherings of interest, and outreach opportunities with the Rainbow Family and her cohorts of Mind Expansion University, a traveling soup kitchen. The road less traveled brought her the the knowledge of: Metaphysical adviser, peer counselor, director of communications for Living Mandala, permaculture consultant and designer, development of invisible structures for non profit organizations, visionary muse and Mother to one son, workshop facilitator, brand ambassador, theatrical and musical performer/edutainer (Educational Entertainer), artist, master of ceremonies, visionary net-worker, graphic designer and print master, as well as a nationally awarded photographer. Julie’s most notable accomplishments are: co-founding, managing, and teaching at a mystery school which focused on the study and practice of mysticism, earth-based consciousness, magic, & metaphysics. Participated and worked with the awesome people of Harmony Festival, the San Francisco Green Expo, Gaia University, the Resonance Project, The Farm, Oregon Country Fair, Earth Dance, Mendocino Living Culture Festival, Symbiosis, Beloved, Give peace a Dance, Jackson Well Springs, the Grandmother’s Council, Sacred Spaces, and Living Mandala to name a few.

Sage Love

Team Roles :: Registration Coordinator

SageSage Love is a permaculture designer and teacher, earthen builder, gardener, holistic educator, and community organizer impassioned by her love of the Earth. With Nature and Spirit as her teachers, she has devoted her life to stewarding the Earth and the connection of our universal communities.  Sage has co-facilitated Permaculture Design Certification Courses and workshops with Living Mandala and Earth Activist Trainings. She also teaches Naam Yoga in West Sonoma county where she lives in gratitude and joy. Sage has served numerous roles as the Registration Coordinator for the Building Resilient Communities Convergence 2015, Living Mandala courses, and NorCal Aquaponics.

Hillary Walton

Team Roles: Vendor and Tabling Coordinator
Affiliations: Rising Sun Energy Center

Hillary copy Since childhood, Hillary has been imbued with passions for social and environmental justices. She has extensive experience in the realms of renewable energies, food justice and fair trade initiatives, public education, youth coordination, journalism and working with underserved communities. “As a young woman, it is my goal to further advance my role as a strong leader who is well-versed in trades, mechanics, language and educational techniques so that I may provide a solid foundation of knowledge and support for women, youth and my community at large.”

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