Join us in the Village Commons
the Living Heart of the Convergence

The Village Commons is our collective expression of the world we are co-creating. It is the heartbeat of the Convergence and couldn’t be possible without the village coming together to manifest this vision each year. The Village Commons is a space for healers, artists, safer spaces, tea houses, children and families, community organizing and whatever else autonomously transpires throughout the weekend. These unique spaces exist at The Convergence to invigorate connection, healing, creativity, and collaboration across the various facets of life

This year we are so excited to co-create the following spaces!


Bring the kiddos allow them to explore and play with the other little whilst you learn and connect with the bigger kiddos.


The PlaceMaker’s TeaHouse is a lively destination where beautiful herbal teas are poured and shared throughout the weekend. It’s a great place to reconnect with old friends or make news one, connect with a mentor or share about current projects you are working on. Come on by for a cup of tea, it is this that  makes this convergence a meaningful, impactful and inspiring event. We can’t wait to meet new friends and welcome back old timers!

The Community Kitchen AKA the Community Qwitchen (A Queer Witch Kitchen) is the go to place for folks to gather, prepare, and share meals together. This qwitchen is accepting donations of food and supplies to serve the community at large. Check out their page for more info.


We are here to provide and offer pillars of support for communities and individuals as we acknowledge Indigenous and People of Color from around the globe and on every continent who are continually working to advance as humans in a world that leaves many oppressed.

Queer Magic Center

The Queer Magic Center is a space where we can gather to explore and exchange these gifts, give gratitude to our history and ancestors, and seek refuge in queer community. To LGBTQ+ people at the convergence: consider this your living room.

Moon Temple

We welcome you to the Moon Temple ~ a sanctuary space for women, trans and genderqueer folks who identify with the feminine within. This temple offers a space to receive nourishment, inspiration, wisdom and empowerment through exploration and connection with the feminine. The Moon Temple is also an offering for those who are bleeding (in menstruation) to rest, attune, and receive what your womb needs to honor this sacred time.

Sun Temple

The Sun Temple cultivates a safe space for all who identify as men to practice and to tend healthy masculinity together for healing, happiness, and responsible contribution to the well being of our larger communities; including the deconstruction of patriarchy, colonialism, racism, sexism, genderism, and even egoism and anthropocentrism.

Grief and Gratitude Sanctuary

Grief and gratitude are deeply connected. Grief is a feral emotion. One that flows like water and needs to be witnessed in order to fully move. In western culture, we have the tendency to believe that we have to do it on our own. We are discovering, however, as we enter a new paradigm: we actually can’t and don’t have to!

Ancestral Arts Zone

Reconnect with traditions that have faded in modern society. Learn interesting and vital skills that will last a lifetime. Discover the wonder of experiences shared with others. Realign yourself with simplicity.

Healing Oasis

A healing space for massage, vibrational/sound healers, energy work, health focused workshops, medicine making, and other healing modalities to support your Zone 0. Stop by and make an appointment.

Herbal Wellness Tent

MASHH is a not-for-profit all volunteer-run, mobile, off-grid, front-line first aid and wellness clinic + education that supports large outdoor gatherings and resistance campaigns. We support groups and organizations of all shapes and sizes and those who don’t have access to regular medical care.

Ayurveda the Human Experience
Pop-up Clinic

An ayurvedic pop-up clinic space hosted by the dhyana Center an ayurvedic treatment center based in Sebastopol, Sonoma County. Stop by and get a pulse reading(Nadi Vijnanam) or a eye ghee bath (Netra Basti) by donation

And more yet to come! Stay tuned

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