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NAPC 2016 Digital Flyer

9 Stages, 70+ Workshops

9 Tracks, 100+ Presenters

Live Music, Delicious Food

Camping, Green Vendors & Much More!


Welcome to The 2016 Building Resilient Communities Convergence – Hosting the 2nd North American Permaculture Convergence

This year we are excited to be hosting the North American Permaculture Convergence in conjunction with this gathering.
This Convergence will bring together sustainability enthusiasts, permaculture designers, social entrepreneurs, community organizers, social justice activists, people from the NorCal Bioregion, the West Coast, and all across North America for a dynamic, engaging, and celebratory gathering designed to build a powerful movement for community resilience.
Whether you are a seasoned permaculturalist, green business entrepreneur festival goer, sustainability enthusiast, or just excited to enjoy a weekend of fantastic people, good music, food, campfires and opportunities to learn about new ways of living in thriving resilience with people and the planet… there is something at this Convergence for you!

Our Music and Entertainment Program






The Ultimate Permaculture Passion Show!

Open Mic

Also check out our Pre and Post Convergence Tours!

  • See urban homesteads, permaculture business, no-till farms, private-public partnerships, and more — there is something for everyone!
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Why You Should Join Us!

You Are Not Going to Find Anything Like This Anywhere Else
  • World Renowned Activists, Solutiinaries, and Visionaries
  • Internationally Acclaimed Permaculture Designers
  • World Changing Solutions From Gardens to Governments
  • Amazing, Groovy Music… With Meaning
  • A Beautiful Sustainable Living Demonstration Site
  • Spacious Networking & Connectivity
Stellar Workshops
  • Climate, Land & Water
  • Equitable Economy & Sustainable Business
  • Leadership, Community Organizing, & Capacity Building
  • Skill Shares & Appropriate Technology
  • Social Justice, Education, & Culture
  • Home & Neighborhood Resiliency
  • Basically.. Prepare to Get Your Mind Blown & Your World Transformed
Permaculture and Diversity
  • We are working hard to bring in some of the extraordinary change-makers building resilience in diverse communities
Family and Youth Friendly
  • Youth will have their own programming
  • Childcare available for parents of young kids
New Opportunities!
  • Your New Business Partner
  • The Next Step on your journey of finding right livelihood
  • Your Next Job
  • New Connections & Friends
  • That Moment of Synchronicity That Awaits You…
It’s At That Special, Magical Stage
  • Been to those larger festivals that are starting to feel a bit over crowded and commercialized? We get it. That’s not us.
  • Coming off 10+ years of the NorCal Permaculture Convergence – a truly Grassroots Gathering to build Community Resilience, and this year combining with The North American Permaculture Convergence… we are at that rare, juicy spot that festivals, gatherings, and especially their fans DREAM about “back in the day”.
  • We walk the talk and are truly grassroots, yet emerging into something more. We are on the Edge. This is going to be a special event… for real. Don’t miss it.
It’s going to be a Party!
  • Sure, we have some amazing solutions to some of the worlds most pressing problems. You’ll find a lot of that. As much as you can soak up.
  • We are also going to CELEBRATE & ENJOY!!!!
  • Fantastic Music, Performing Artists, Dancing, and Much More!

The 2015 Convergence received feedback by many serial festival goers that it was their favorite and most meaningful Festival / Conference of the entire year!


Why Are We Doing This Convergence?

Here’s One Reason For Context.

We hope you will join us in working together in making a more resilient future possible, and have a great time in the process!