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Karuna Warren is the Founder and CEO of WaterNow. He is passionate and active about holistic water systems, green technologies, social and First nations issues. With over 21 total years of Environmental and Engineering experience and many years within the corporate system, he is now multi-faceted in sustainable solutions and formed the umbrella non-profit company Karuna Apaha, Inc. (Compassion for Water) in March of 2016. WaterNow was birthed in summer of 2016.

Professional Experience includes: Water design and purification systems in New Mexico, California, and Costa Rica. Holistic rainwater systems: recycling of water, purification systems, filtration, leach fields, compost toilets, sewage and waste disposal systems. Energy and renewable power systems: solar installations, wind power, and hydro and sustainable power solutions. Clean water system projects: river turbines, reverse osmosis, structured water, pipe bursting and upgrade designs, storage tank design, new water pipeline systems and well construction. Spirulina pond system design, research, growth and engineering of specifications for hydroponics and village utility, water and sanitation designs.

Karuna received formal engineering education at Northwestern University, in Evanston IL receiving a BS Degree in Civil Engineering (BSCE), with a specialty in Environmental Science and later an advanced degree from Florida International University, in Miami FL with a Master’s Degree in Engineering Management and MBA in 2006.

Outside of the office, you can find Karuna in nature, practicing yoga, dancing, playing djembe and congas, meditating , reading, hiking, praying at the river, oceans or lakes.

2018 Convergence Workshop: Supporting the Cycle – Sustainability Practices that Encourage Community Resilience and Repair the Water Cycle