Design Thinking for Equitable Communities

Let’s talk about Design and Social Justice. We know that design has the power to elevate everything it touches—from products, to systems, to spaces. But when it comes to our greatest challenges around economic equity, access, and inclusion, what roles does design play in advancing equitable communities? Can design catalyze positive change and lasting impact when it comes to solving real problems and human needs? Join us for a discussion focused on how design can support social progress and a just future for all. They will observe, learn, and discuss the difference between Equality & Equity. They will explore their own agency, and how they can use data such as historical…

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Catherine Nkolo Lebongo

Catherine Nkolo Lebongo is a teacher, creative, and activist who is fascinated by how design and social enterprise have the power to elevate everything—from products, to systems, to spaces. As an international, multicultural, woman who studied system nuances and societal constructs, Nkolo teaches the principles of Design Thinking, and how to apply the human-centered design process with an equity mindset, to build the regenerative communities we hope to see in our lifetimes. Her personal mission is to live an abundant life saturated in bliss, gratitude, and learning while artfully weaving spiritual growth and conscious bionomics into the collective reality. Design Thinking for Equitable Communities

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The People’s Medicine: Herbal Allies for Social Movements

Learn how herbal medicine is bringing the power of healing into the hands of the people and building culture in diverse social movements around the world, and gain hands-on experience with new herbal allies in this workshop. Herbal medicine brings the power of healing into the hands of the people. Come learn how people around the world, from the MST in Brazil, to activists on the streets of Oakland, to the guardians at Standing Rock, have been using herbal medicine to nourish, heal, and strengthen our social movements. Participants will gain a deeper appreciation of women's role in working with these plant allies, and of the historic, mythic and magical elements…

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Mallika Nair

Mallika Nair is an environmental justice activist and the Founder and Director of Growing Together, an Oakland based fruit tree planting and environmental education organization ( As a first generation American, born in New York City, Mallika grew up at the intersection of cultures and between urban and natural wild spaces, and has made it her life work to heal that divide and bring people closer to the heart of the living world. Effie Rawlings’ interest in education, Agroecology, and community organizing was catalyzed by her family’s experiences farming seed, her time serving as Cryptologic Linguist in the US Army, and her introduction to processes of decolonization at Sisonke School, South…

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Collaboration: Laying a foundation for Change with NVC

Join us for a highly interactive introduction to NVC and explore more efficient collaboration strategies. We are creating a world where everyone’s needs matter and people have the skills to make peace. Awaken greater self-compassion, create opportunities for choice, and experience more satisfying relationships with Nonviolent Communication. Join us for an introduction to NVC and explore more efficient collaboration strategies. Specifically, we plan to explore: -Use conflict as an opportunity for generative outcomes -Identify shared purpose and values -Emphasize connection, first, last and always Workshops are highly interactive, and focused on practices that can be put to use immediately. Offering an interactive workshop on NVC through the focus of collaboration. The…

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High efficiency greywater systems as a game changer for widespread adoption

How to design high tech and low tech greywater systems, new technologies allowing for integrated control and management systems for greywater, rainwater and freshwater irrigation. High efficiency greywater systems as a game changer for widespread adoption of greywater irrigation as a core element of green infrastructure. Training new greywater professionals in this rapidly growing sector of water conservation technology. Greywater systems are a highly practical, multilaterally beneficial pillar of the broad spectrum permaculture design palette. Participants will learn both the unique underlying design considerations and constraints of greywater systems as well as specific technical aspects of the most common traditional and new cutting greywater system designs. The presentation will use several…

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Chris Reamer

Christopher Reamer is a permaculture landscaper and educator with a prevailing focus on water conservation and ecological land design. He has worked extensively with the development of greywater, rainwater and high-efficiency irrigation in Sonoma and Marin counties, CA, and has instructed water conservation workshops for the cities of Santa Rosa, Petaluma, and Windsor, Sonoma county water agency, the Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper training program, the Association of Professional Landscape Designers, and numerous other local non-profit organizations and conservation initiatives. He is level 2 certified by the Greywater Action Network, and is a licensed contractor and certified permaculture designer. In 2014 Christopher was awarded the "Water Awareness award" for local businesses, from…

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