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  • Keala

    A. Keala Young

    Keala is a whole system designer​,​ regenerative practitioner ​and permaculture teacher ​with a background in the healing arts. His rich study of permaculture and ecovillage design includes certificate programs from Findhorn Foundation to Esalen Institute and is complimented by experiential learning in co-production of multiple …

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  • Catherine Nkolo Lebongo

    Catherine Nkolo Lebongo is a teacher, creative, and activist who is fascinated by how design and social enterprise have the power to elevate everything—from products, to systems, to spaces. As an international, multicultural, woman who studied system nuances and societal constructs, Nkolo teaches the principles …

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  • Mallika Nair

    Mallika Nair is an environmental justice activist and the Founder and Director of Growing Together, an Oakland based fruit tree planting and environmental education organization ( As a first generation American, born in New York City, Mallika grew up at the intersection of cultures and …

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  • Mike Boss Food  Forest 1

    Food Forest Gardens

    Grow your own! It doesn’t get more local or fresh than your own yard. Want to create a personal Garden of Eden for you, your clients, or your community? Want to eat fresh, local, organic produce while reducing your environmental footprint? This workshop will focus …

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  • Marcus Littlewolf

    Marcus Littlewolf is a traditional, ceremonial Oglala Lakota, focusing his efforts in expanding permaculture to those who need it. He has several permaculture certificates, ones centered on teaching and design. His background is in natural building and is currently focusing his efforts in teaching permaculture.

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  • Jeremiah

    Jeremiah Kidd

    Jeremiah is a certified Permaculture Designer and is an accredited and certified Rainwater Catchment Professional through ARCSA (American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association). He has taught and consulted on several projects in the USA, Africa, Central America and Asia. Prior to establishing San Isidro Permaculture, Jeremiah …

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  • Matt Powers Workshop E1472509317863

    Regenerative Seed to Table Cooking with The Permaculture Student

    Learn how to apply permaculture to your diet with seed to table cooking! Using holistic management and permaculture design concepts, Matt Powers will take you through an exploration of seed to table planning and cooking, and regenerative preservation and preparation habits. Includes guided group exercises: …

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  • How To Start An Ecovillage

    How to Start an Ecovillage

    Today ecovillages represent some of the best solutions we have for correcting human habitation living at cross purposes with the natural world, addressing sectors such as housing, energy, transportation, food, water and human behavior. Come learn about the requirements necessary for a successful ecovillage from …

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  • Elizabeth Dougherty Water Budget

    Water Budgeting at Home

    This workshop will provide participants with the skills they need to determine how much water they produce or falls on their property, how to match that with water needs in the home, creating a balance of local water inputs and local water needs. Participants will …

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  • Ecological Restoration Earth Repair And Permaculture Setting Up A Working Group

    Ecological Restoration, Earth Repair and Permaculture: Setting up a working group

    Permaculture has a lot to offer the ecological restoration movement (and vice versa). What would a permaculture approach look like? How can permaculture contribute to grassroots earth repair movements? Let’s set up a working group to work at and after the Convergence. The goal is …

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  • Health Family Gardening Vegetables Healthy Diet

    Cultivating Self Love for Productivity and Connection

    Self love is like Caring for your garden. If done well, it can be a blossoming contribution to the amount of roses and ripe fruits you see expressed in its beauty. Through poetry and passion Déva Presence will share his personal practice of self love …

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  • Maria Gutierrez Midwifing The New Earth

    Maria Christina Owl

    2017 Convergence Workshop: Midwifing the New Earth: Unplug from Old Paradigm Conditioning and Claim Your True Power to Create Reality Previous Workshops: 2015 – Indigenous Mind: Re-awakening Our Connection to Nature & Cosmos with Maria Owl Gutierrez

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