New Systems for Urban Agriculture

Today more people live in cities and they have inherited poor design and crumbling infrastructure that needs to be maintained, Their is also a lot of possibilities with the new systems being built. What does it take to turn some of the cities problems into solutions and how do we convert these landscapes, buildings and infrastructure into ones that are regenerative and living? In this session you will be exposed to innovative solutions of growing more food in the city while building ecology and creating a culture that is equitable. We will engage in a discussion and interactive exercise to determine the solutions that lay before us and the steps it…

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Benjamin Fahrer

Benjamin Fahrer has become well known for his ability to read the landscape and recognize natural patterns to help build ecological landscapes and farms. He has a BA in Ecological Design and is a registered Permaculture Research Institute/TAGARI instructor since 2006. He has lead and facilitated over two dozen PDCs and numerous courses and workshops worldwide. A US Delegate at Terra Madre in 2006 & 2008 and IPC9 in Malawi, Africa, Benjamin has managed high profile projects while building his capacity for teaching and growing. He is now translating these land and life lessons into the urban environment in California by starting Top Leaf Farms, a licensed contracting company that designs,…

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The Biodynamic Approach to Regenerative Agriculture

The deep principles and innovative practices of biodynamic agriculture can be taken up by any farmer or gardener wanting to enhance the health and vitality of their soil and the food they grow. In this workshop, we will explore the unique and practical ways that you can apply biodynamics to grow the most nutrient-dense and vibrant food possible, build soil organic matter, revitalize landscapes, and protect the climate by bringing more carbon into the living realm. Learn how to apply the deep principles and innovative practices of biodynamic agriculture in your garden or farm. Friday Oct 6| 11am| Yurt Presented By: Thea Carlson  

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Thea Carlson

Thea Maria Carlson is Co-Director of the Biodynamic Association, bringing vitality and renewal to the food system through regenerative agriculture. She is a leader, facilitator, educator, and farmer dedicated to building living soil, growing nutritious food, and nurturing vibrant communities. 2017 Workshop:The Biodynamic Approach to Regenerative Agriculture

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Ruthie King

[image_frame align="left" height="300" width="300" prettyphoto="false"][/image_frame] Ruthie King grew up in Southern California before heading east to attend Columbia University, where she studied planning and design with a focus on ways to integrate sustainability into the built environment. After graduating with a degree in Architecture and Sustainable Development, she moved to Washington State to live and work on farms practicing alternative construction and natural building techniques. This included cob and earth structures, converted shipping containers, living roof structures and more. After working on sustainable building and barn restoration at several farms in the area, she landed at a beautiful historic dairy barn with a family hoping to bring dairy cows back to…

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