New Systems for Urban Agriculture

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Today more people live in cities and they have inherited poor design and crumbling infrastructure that needs to be maintained, Their is also a lot of possibilities with the new systems being built. What does it take to turn some of the cities problems into solutions and how do we convert these landscapes, buildings and infrastructure into ones that are regenerative and living? In this session you will be exposed to innovative solutions of growing more food in the city while building ecology and creating a culture that is equitable. We will engage in a discussion and interactive exercise to determine the solutions that lay before us and the steps it will take for us to get there.

Learn and discuss innovative solutions to build ecology and grow food at scale within the urban sector while helping to breakdown the cultural walls that separate us.

Presented with visuals, interactive exercise and discussion. Breaking down the walls that divide and how these are compounded in the urban environment through the designs we have inherited, how these patterns are unconsciously reinforced in the PC community. Participants will gain a collective perspective, assessment of where we are at and some ideas of the steps to get us to where we might need to go, a collective discussion of where do we need to go.

Saturday Oct 7| 9:30am| Solar Panel

Presented by Benjamin Fahrer, Rodney Spencer & Jonathan Youtt