Food Forest Gardens

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Grow your own! It doesn’t get more local or fresh than your own yard.
Want to create a personal Garden of Eden for you, your clients, or your
community? Want to eat fresh, local, organic produce while reducing your
environmental footprint? This workshop will focus on the how-to’s of creating a
beautiful, functional and food-generating garden, no matter how much space you
have. There will be an emphasis on incorporating ecological principles, such as
soil building, using perennial edibles, and planting for habitat enhancement.
The more food we grow at home and in our neighborhoods, the more food resilient
we become, relying less on remote agribusiness and for-profit supermarkets. We
reduce our environmental footprint by using less fossil fuel, less water, less
fertilizer and fewer chemicals.
There will be a power-point presentation, a group brain-storming session, and
sample plants followed by a question-and- answer session as time allows.

Friday, Oct 6 | 12:30 PM – 1: 30 PM | Zocalo

Presented By Mike Boss