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Douglas Reil is a Bay Area medical cannabis advocate, local food organizer, and publishing/media consultant specializing in sustainability, cannabis, and regenerative culture. He is the Program Director of the Budding Compassion Network, formerly East Bay Canna Compassion Program which provides free cannabis medicine to low income patients and a founding member of the California Compassion Coalition which advocates for compliant pathways for compassionate cannabis activities in California. His thirty-year career in publishing includes serving as the publisher and executive director at the nonprofit publisher North Atlantic Books and working with authors such as Martin Prechtel, Charles Eisenstein, Andrew Harvey, Steve DeAngelo, and Vandana Shiva. In 2011, he founded Bay Food Shed, a community-based organization that creates initiatives at the intersection of local food and the gift economy. He lives in El Cerrito with his wife, son, and garden

2018 Convergence Workshop: Restoring Cannabis Therapies for Access and Holistic Healthcare.