Morgan Bierschenk

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Explorer, activist, dancer, architect of the future.

Morgan lives wholly in a shared vision of 2025. Most people would put it on the far side of possible. But he lives it and breathes it at all times. Every moment working to bring it into a more tangible bite of experience. One that is intended to help others wake their community building dreams into realities.

In 2025 we don’t live in boxes. Or on blocks. We live in stone circles arranged around the flower of life. Bioceramic geodesic villages function like built rainforests. Celebration, intention, gratitude, and dance are foundational to the evolutionary cooperative experience. Communities practice understanding, loving kindness, and mindful living. We reclaim our full human potential. Gift based meta currencies refocus attention onto nourishing healthy relationships. We emerge from the thought constructs known as “doubt” and “lack”. To reclaim our original, indigenous, ingenious, child-like perception.

We all thrive when there is resonance between our inner and outer world. That’s the idea, and the mission, behind everything Morgan is doing through the Geoship Multi-Stakeholder Community Building Cooperative.

2018 Convergence Workshop: Bioceramic Geodesic Architecture