Margie Bushman & Wes Roe

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Margie Bushman & Wes Roe are co-founders of Santa Barbara Permaculture Network, an educational non-profit founded in 2000, that has sponsored hundreds of workshops and events about permaculture, ecological design, sustainability, natural building, and other related topics in the southern California region. Santa Barbara Permaculture Network hosts an annual Seed Swap that has more than 500 attendees, celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2018. Margie was the Program Coordinator for the Santa Barbara City College Center for Sustainability (2010-2014), creating unique programs such as the Cities As the Solutions series. For over a decade, Wes Roe served as board member & president of the Permaculture Credit Union. Both have served as volunteer coordinators for the International Permaculture Convergence Support Group since its inception in 2005, that later evolved into the Friends of the International Permaculture Convergences (FIPC) & the International Permaculture Convergence Council (IPCC). Both organizations seek to bring the widest audience & participants to these International events where permaculturists from around the globe can come together to share ideas & permaculture influenced solutions for a better world.

2018 Convergence Workshop: Diversity of Participants, Diversity of Ideas, Diversity of Solutions from Around the Globe: Come Learn About the International Permaculture Convergences