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Rosie would like to introduce you to the world of healing and possibilities. She provides Ayurveda and shamanic focused treatment modalities. Ayurveda means the science of life; it’s accomplished with a holistic and spiritual approach focusing on the achievement of optimum health and wellness.

The goal is to assess the individual needs of each client and guiding them to their specific wellness. The treatments offered have many components, based in elemental theory. Treatments are focused on individual body constitution that are hot, cold, wet, or dry and support the combinations of the elements that make us unique.
As a practitioner and healer, she assist’s the client in a wholesome experience that includes integrating their healing experiences for a fuller life.

Wellness and Holistic Approach

Rosie believes that deep healing can happen when one is open to receive. For an example: inflammatory issues manifesting as bloating, stomach pain and gas after meals and decreased tissue perfusion. This is common amongst people who eat a lot of dry, processed foods high in gluten. One of the services offered is a detailed nutritional counseling. This service is focused on assist in healing the body, thus restoring energy, reduction in pain and overall sense of health. Amongst these services, she offers guidance with energy balancing and integration of the overall healing experiences.

Love & Awareness recognizes that we are complex beings, and our discomforts can be rooted in body, mind and spirit alike.
Presenting new doors for processing and integrating our experiences empowers us to nourish a sense of wholeness and wellbeing that is necessary for true holistic health.
Early on in this journey in the medical world, she felt this calling deeply. Having struggled for many years with illness, weight issues, depression and anxiety. She too has tried many things, with no long-term success. As a nurse working in western health care system, she sees how it fails so many people. Rosie is passionate about her roles to guide, teach and assist people who are open to receiving healing on these levels and beyond.

Professional Qualifications:

Rosie is A NAMA Certified Ayurveda Health Counselor, strong background in Ayurveda, Amazonian plants and Western medicine. Education-DeAnna Batdorff teacher and founder of dhyana Center, Sebastopol, CA.
Shamanic Practitioner focused studies in Amazonian traditional master plant medicines. Ongoing Amazonian shamanic studies with Shipibo Ayahuasquero Maestro Ricardo Amaringo, Iquitos, Peru.
National Board Registered Nurse, since 2008 focus in emergency and critical care medicine.
National Board Registered Respiratory Therapist, since 1998, critical care and emergency medicine.

2018 Convergence Workshop: Intro to Plant Medicine Integration