Emotional Literacy & Reading Human Landscapes

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Are you emotionally intelligent? Do you know what is going on inside yourself and others? Can you ‘read’ human landscapes like you read land systems? The dominant culture has not supported us in being connected with our emotions – indeed, we are often shut down, especially males. Permaculture meant to help us move forward into more sustainable paths, and has People Care as core ethic, and does talk about ‘invisible landscapes,’ but the place from which permaculture was taught and practiced has not always supported the development of emotional awareness of ourselves or others, or the skill of reading human landscapes.

A central aspect of permaculture is designing so that needs can be met in healthy, regenerative ways. Human needs and wants, and our ways of trying to get them met, are extremely complex and powerful ecologies, and affect almost all of our permaculture design work. Developing awareness and skill in emotional literacy, and being able to read human needs and patterns in the ‘Zone 00’ of others and ourselves, supports us in being more response-able permaculturalists. This interactive workshop will give powerful insight into human ecologies and help us lift up emotional intelligence, which is much-needed as we transition into the next age of consciousness and we grow a more wholistic understanding of permaculture landscapes & practices.

Presented By: Jillian Hovey