Cultivating Resilience Through Defending the Sacred

I am interested in moderating a panel discussion surrounding current land defense efforts relavent to the NorCal Permie Convergence Community. More and more, the worlds of radical land defense and tending the wild are…

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FairShare: The People’s Permaculture

Interactive discussion that strategizes The People's use of the permaculture power tool! Come join Town and City Permaculture as they facilitate another interactive and invigorating workshop. That will implore participants to really delve into…

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The “New Masculine”

Evolution is calling for the emergence a 'New Masculine', one that is integrated, awake, agentic, and active; come heed the call and accelerate your evolution! This experiential and interactive workshop will have you learn…

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Ayurveda-A Human Experience on Planet Earth

Our inner & outer landscapes are created by the elements; by listening, communicating and taking action, balance is possible. Our human form is experiencing very similar imbalances as the earth itself. If we can…

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~ Whale Womb Water Illumination ~

Womb water ritual with the whales for collective cleansing, healing and activation. Blessed water temples ~ together we shall gather in circle and create a sacred container for us to take a dive into…

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How we treat the Soil is how we treat everything – Including Death

Our understanding and our treatment of our SOIL demonstrates how we relate to the living Earth and to Death –– our death and death in general. We are not apart from the soil. We…

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Anchor The Dream

A visionary playshop in which participants learn to leverage the Law of Attraction collectively to birth new earth realities as blueprints that enter and positively impact our collective consciousness with great integrity and love.…

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