Place Justice with City Repair Project

We will explore case studies of placemaking work we are doing with marginalized communities. City Repair has over 20 years of experience with grassroots, community-initiated placemaking in Portland, Oregon. Our model for building place-based…

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Cultivating Resilience Through Defending the Sacred

I am interested in moderating a panel discussion surrounding current land defense efforts relavent to the NorCal Permie Convergence Community. More and more, the worlds of radical land defense and tending the wild are…

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FairShare: The People’s Permaculture

Interactive discussion that strategizes The People's use of the permaculture power tool! Come join Town and City Permaculture as they facilitate another interactive and invigorating workshop. That will implore participants to really delve into…

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The “New Masculine”

Evolution is calling for the emergence a 'New Masculine', one that is integrated, awake, agentic, and active; come heed the call and accelerate your evolution! This experiential and interactive workshop will have you learn…

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Reimagining the Commons: GENNA Alliance

This session will offer practical tools and frameworks for how we can collaborate - based on the recent development of GENNA Alliance. Collaboration is happening! Explore new collaborative potential within our regenerative movement. GENNA…

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​Practice Showing Up: Racial Justice as Spiritual Work for White People

How to address internalized white supremacy and how it shows up in our understanding and practices of spirituality. Systemic racism has disconnected white folks from our cultures, our spirituality, and therefore: systemic racism has…

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Your Hormonal Body Clock: 4 Phases Every Female Needs to Know for Health, Business, & Love

This workshop helps females go from loathing to loving their hormones by aligning with their 28-day body clock. This workshop will break down the approximate 28 days of the female hormonal cycle into four…

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Time-Based Currency 101 for Resilient Communities

Intro to time-based currency, alternative agreements of exchange, and how-to develop your own community currency and/or time-bank for strong local, regional and global trade networks based on mutual aid and reciprocity. Redefining ‘value’ as…

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