Embracing Complexity: Collective Leadership from the Inside Out

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Join us to explore practices that connect the personal leadership of living one’s vision and values to fostering collective leadership that unleashes the power of community.

Join us for an engaging conversation as we explore the skills and practices to empower and sustain your leadership in an increasingly complex, interconnected world. We believe leadership starts within. By practicing self care and living aligned with one’s purpose and values, we can have a transformative effect that ripples out from our lives and organizations into our broader community, moving us towards the systems change our world needs.

We will work with the skills of reflection, self-renewal, and the power of choice as the first ripple in strengthening one’s personal leadership. Participants will discuss and reflect on how to apply one’s values and strengths to affecting more potent and inspired change in the world. We’ll discuss what emergent leadership looks like, how we can foster environments for co-creation, and what key competencies are needed to model truly collective leadership for a just and sustainable future. At Daily Acts, we believe that every choice we make matters and that personal transformation is essential to affecting transformation in our lives, communities and world. We also recognize the critical importance of healthy, sustained leadership given the immense challenges of our time. We are excited to offer this workshop as a way to share the insights from our Leadership Institute for Just and Resilient Communities 10-month training program.

Presented By: Trathen Heckman & Kerry Fugett