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Yoga for non-pregnant womban

Ma Yoni ‘aT Yoga is the practice of “Honoring the Sacred Seat of Creation,” through owning your Goddess, using:

Sacred Word Vibrations, Affirmations, Sacred Meditation through breath work and coordination of breath with movement, and Visualizations of the Goddess Forces, the Feminine energies from ancient Kemet, who presented as: Goddesses, Mothers, and Spirit Guides. We call forth Ma’at, the divine Mother of Ancient Kemet. We dedicate this practice to the Goddess Power that lives within us.

These postures massage the internal organs, strengthen the reproductive organs, realigns the spinal column and sends sekhem (life force) energy throughout the body, creating a circle of healing energy, generating love, peace and balance. All movements are performed slowly and with the breath. All movements are flowing and sensual, creating open spaces, eliminating blockages, allowing spirit energies; a welcomed presence! Ankh (life) Udja (vitality ) Seneb (health)!

Presented By: Kenna Toney