Please let us know about the workshop you would like to offer.

If you wish to submit more than 1 workshop for consideration, please fill out just Part 2 of this application for each workshop you would like to submit.

Workshop Application Part 2

  • Be clear and concise, space is limited on the Convergence Program Schedule.
  • Please write a one-sentence description about your workshop.
  • What aspects of the Permaculture Flower does your workshop fall under? Check all that apply.
  • What is the primary theme of your workshop? Check all that apply.
  • Using the third person point of view. Please give us a short paragraph description (4-5 sentences) about your workshop. This will appear as the workshop description on the website.
  • Please let us know what type of presentation you would like to offer (You may select more than one):
  • This event is mostly outdoors, please prepare accordingly. We encourage workshops that do not require a powerpoint projector, though half our our workshop areas will have powerpoint capacity. Please provide for your own workshop materials. All workshop areas will be equipped with a white board or flip chart.
  • (check all that apply)
  • Please write any days/times in which you can NOT offer a workshop. Be as specific as possible with dates AND times.
  • Enter any tags or keywords that describe your workshop separated by commas. For example: Permaculture, Social Justice, Governance, etc.
  • I picture says a thousand words. Please provide an image avatar to go along with your workshop. Format your image so it is close to 300 pixels wide by 300 pixels tall, saved as a .jpg or .jpeg, and less than 175 KB in size. Please re-name the file: in the format of: Workshop Title_ First Name_Last Name_as the title of this file. This makes things a lot easier for us. Thank you!
  • Do you have any other comments or questions about workshops, the program, or the Convergence in general? You may also email:

For workshop application questions, please email