Workshop presenters will receive a 30% discount to Convergence registration.

If your workshop is accepted, you will receive a discount code to register.

If you are needing any more financial assistance, please apply for Work Trade, or our Equity and Inclusion Fund. 



We are currently looking for workshops with the following themes, and more:

Water, soil, fire, air, broadacre permaculture, ecosystems restoration, climate change challenges & solutions

Urban permaculture,  urban/suburban neighborhood redesign, placemaking, natural building, community farms, ecovillages, intentional communities, land use ownership and policies
, solutions to gentrification and displacement, disaster preparedness

Personal leadership skills, capacity building for organizations, fundraising, marketing, partnerships, collaboration, dynamic self-governance, holacracy, social permaculture, Transition initiatives, movement building initiatives

Food sheds, food production, food forests, food justice, slow food, growing food, seed saving, food preparation… anything to do with food and how we feed ourselves.

Right livelihood, social entrepreneurship, business skills, new economies, alternative currencies, financial permaculture

Tending the inner landscapes, healing work, grief work, esoteric traditions, yoga, dance, and other movement or embodiment practices

Hands-On and experiential demonstrations, such as fermenting, medicine making, composting, homesteading skills, and more.

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