BFlow – Decentralizing Sustainable Business

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How can we leverage blockchain to facilitate peer to peer and transform current mass production practices

Join Amy Seidman, founder of BFlow to learn about blockchain, and the potential for this technology to level the playing field.

Discover how peer to peer to scale can be used to disrupt large scale agriculture and other similar models, and empower small producers to decentralize sustainable business and investment.

Combining the power of technology and collective intelligence to help solve the world’s greatest challenges. BFlow™ is a blockchain solution being developed by Noble Profit to make it easier to report sustainability metrics. Our goal is to establish proof of reputation using data validated by trusted third parties.

BFlow technology is being designed to enable efficiency that drives sustainability.

Corporations are being called to answer to customers, employees, and investors. And metrics are influencing investments, fund choices, and corporate success.

We believe using blockchain technology can enable us to create the transparency and systems necessary to enable validating sustainability claims by trusted third parties. We are inviting organizations and citizens to cast their votes and validation of claims by entities claiming to be sustainable, and hope this workshop will also help align Convergence participants with this vision and invitation.

We are designing our system to make it easy to report UN Sustainable Development Goals, facilitate auditing by third parties, as well as empower NGOs to report environmental issues and human exploitation.

Our vision is to enable small producers, corporations and investment institutions to align around values and be able leverage blockchain smart contract features for tracking, reporting and validating claims.

If we can empower small scale producers of products and services, enable transparency and a democratic voice for all stakeholders, we can create a living breathing ecosystem of change.

Presented By: Amy Seidman