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Bonita Ford – Permaculture Eastern Ontario & LivinghEARTH: Bonita aims to inspire people, giving them tools for healthier living. She teaches permaculture, Reiki and Nonviolent Communication, and has led workshops around the world for over 13 years. She facilitates community design projects and does design coaching with individuals and small businesses. She also does 1-on-1 Reiki and spiritual coaching for individuals. Bonita has written for the Permaculture Design Magazine (and The Activist). She co-founded Permaculture Eastern Ontario (formerly Permaculture Institute of Eastern Ontario) and Transition Perth. Bonita and her partner Sébastien live in Perth, Ontario, which is unceded Algonquin Territory on Turtle Island. The land they call home is 1/5 of an acre in town. They grow most of their own food and are active in their local community.

2016 Presentation: Learning from Our Indigenous Friends, Teachers & Allies