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Brandi Mack is a mother, holistic health educator, therapeutic massage therapist, and permaculture designer. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Human Service Management and a certification from Starhawk’s Earth Activist Training. Brandi has worked and trained in the youth development sector for 15 years. Brandi currently is the national director of The Butterfly Movement where we are committed to support healing the wounds of our Soul (through Rebuilding and Re Framing our emotional selves), planting a Seed of hope as we Regenerate and Reconnect our hearts and our hands to the earth, leading ultimately to manifestation in the Soil of our Reactivated lives! Brandi uses permaculture principles to support individuals and communities connection back to the land. Brandi offers a Farmers Market basket full of workshops and trainings to help your rural or urban garden grow.

2016 Convergence Workshop: Working at the Edges: Exploring Our Personal and Cultural Eco-Systems