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Cameron Meeks is the founder of Myriad Mycology LLC and director of current operations. Cameron presently manages 2 fungal sterile tissue laboratories and Myriad’s mushroom research and development grow rooms. His diverse experience in the field of Mycology has included working for Paul Stamets at his farm in Olympia WA, assisting in the management of a 4000 square foot Oyster mushroom production facility, promoting a variety of medicinal mushroom products, and building 4 fungal laboratory systems. Cameron has nutured his entrepeneurial passion for Mycology over the last 12 years and remains a vocal advocate for the field of Applied Mycology and its exceptional capacities. Please join him for a brief and telling experience looking into the field of mushroom science.

Myriad Mycology LLC is a system of fungal laboratories located in the small rural town of Talent, in Southern Oregon. Myriad specializes in providing exceptional quality Organic bio – available mushroom powders in bulk. Along with this service Myriad also produces medicine, mushroom spawn, gourmet mushrooms, and educational opportunities for all ages centered around it’s facility. Learn more:

2015 Convergence Workshop: Home Mushroom Cultivation