Can’t We All get What We Want? Governance, Authority, Holacracy and Freedom from Consensus in a Self-Managing Organization

We’ll start with an interactive exercise: a well-intentioned group of like-minded people unable to get anything done, because everyone wants to have a say in everything, and everyone has to agree on everything.

Once we’re all nice and frustrated, Mud Hut will lead a presentation about the importance of governance — dealing with authority in a clear and explicit way, because if you don’t, you get stuck. The presentation will cover Holacracy and self-management, ranging from the big-picture elements, like trust, emotional maturity and alignment with purpose, to the nuts/bolts: the rules and jargon and what functions they serve. Then he will facilitate a Holacratic-style governance meeting to experience an alternative to dealing with the same issues we started with.

Presented By: Mud Hut

Sunday, September 18th | 9:30 – 10:30 AM | Solar Panel: El Sol