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Colin is the Co-Director for Rooted in Resilience co-leading organizational management and development, and managing programs of the Local Clean Energy Alliance. In 2013, he coordinated the Alliance’s fourth annual Clean Power, Healthy Communities Conference. Colin graduated from Stanford University in 2007 with a BA in Urban Studies and a self-designed concentration in Environmental Justice: Race, Poverty and the Environment. After graduating, Colin taught for several years multiple-subject English Language Development at Coliseum College Prep Academy in East Oakland. After teaching, Colin worked with the Greenlining Institute, Urban Habitat, Ella Baker Center for Human Rights and the Oakland Climate Action Coalition to advance racial, environmental, economic, and climate justice. In addition to being an activist and organizer, Colin is also a musician, capoeirista, and educator. He has lived in Brazil for four years, and speaks fluent Spanish and Portuguese.

2016 Convergence Workshop: Growing Justice

2016 Convergence Workshop: Community Choice Energy: A Pathway to Resilient, Energy-Secure Communities with Megan O’Neil