Intuitional Literacy 101


Through simple personal practice, collective council, and experimentation, Amutabi Todaii and Amani Will of the Creative Liberation Network work with you to recognize, honor, and deepen our relationships with the intuition. We unpack intuitional literacy as both a manifestation of, and catalyst in supporting decolonization and the return to the wisdom of the body, the emotions, the awareness, lineage, interdependence, the earth, and something beyond.

Through mindfulness & indigenous practices, creative expression, report backs from the front lines, organizing technique and ideology, workshop, performance, ceremony, and politics, we unpack internalized oppression and systems of oppression to clarify and nurture ancient new ways of living that reorient us to our authentic selves, the power of the people, and the possibility of a just and healthy world.

“How do we survive and thrive in these current conditions while also disrupting the power paradigms in a real way and creating something different?”
“How do we build bridges across cultural, class, ideological, and personal differences in a respectful and effective way?”
“How do we take care of ourselves, so that we have some personal autonomy and autonomy within our communities while also engaging on the front lines?”
“What are our personal Front lines?”
“What do we do with all the grief, rage, passion, and love we experience in these complex contexts?”
“How do we use “institutional power” as a tool for solidarity, agency, efficacy, and meaningful transformation?”
“How do we navigate the assimilation we have already internalized, and that which threatens to engulf us if we go deeper into these systems?”
“What does the wisdom of our ancestors offer to us to help us along the way?”
“How do the hybrid cultures we belong to carry indigenous wisdom? How do we unravel the systems of oppression within them to leverage them as tools for our movements?”
“Where is the place for the innovation and evolution of our cultures, given where and who we are now?”

We experientially explore these essential questions to help us align our systems analysis, cultural agreements, spirituality, livelihood, and all aspects of our lives within the complexities of surviving, thriving, disrupting, and rebuilding.

Presented By: Amani Will  & Amutabi Todaii

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