Jessica Bates

Jessica Bates Is a transplant from Washington D.C. who has been establishing her roots here in the Bay Area for the last 15 years. Jessica has been gardening for over 20 years, run multiple gardening education programs, co-founded the Berkeley Ashby community garden, worked with multiple Bay Area landscapers, and is a certified permaculture teacher and designer who cares about decolonizing our food system. A Master Composter and Master Gardener, she owns and operates a Food Forest Farm West – a permaculture business in which she designs, teaches and installs local gardens. Her specialty is in perennial vegetable and annual food production and propagation, as well as CA native and “Bay friendly” plants. Jessica aims to constantly deepen her understanding of the gardening world while sharing that knowledge with her community.
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Sunday Oct 8| 9:30am| Hops Tipi

Applied Permaculture – Forest Garden Design Charrette