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Marc and Corrina have spent the last 20 years creating and running an intensively planted 5 acre food forest and permaculture homestead on a steep slope above the Klamath River in Northern California.
They manage an orchard of over 300 widely diverse fruit trees, perennial bushes and vines, medicinal herbs, flowers and a large annual homestead garden. They integrate ducks, chickens, turkeys, goats and
honey bees into the landscape. Theirs is a working farm, having fully supplied their income during their tenure there. The first 10 years they sold organic vegetables, fruit and edible landscaping plants at the farmers markets in Arcata. 10 years later, they started Rolling River, an online certified organic nursery that sold 1100 varieties of fruiting and homestead plants. Four years ago they sold their
nursery to Planting Justice, a non-profit organization in Oakland that strives to repair issues of racial disparity and bring good food opportunities to the food deserts that typify many poor neighborhoods.
Marc and Corrina continue to supply propagation material to Planting Justice for their former nursery’s production, and manage a new nursery for local on-farm sales of fruiting plants, also contracting out to
local organizations to grow native plants for reclamation projects. Most recently they have started, an online ecommerce site that sells propagation wood and supplies from their extensive and unique collection of varieties for those wishing to grow their own starts. Marc brings 47 years’ experience as a, farmer, nursery man, homesteader, self-employed business owner, gardener and orchardist. He has developed homesteads in Northern California, North Central
WA and Orcas Island, WA. On Orcas he founded the farmers market at age 22, and developed an extensive collection of fruit, including 100 varieties of apples. Marc has 32 years selling at farmers
markets under his belt, and many years managing online businesses and shipping mail-order. He also has extensive building and homestead skills, and has set up several solar electrical and hot water systems.

Having grown up in New York Corrina transformed from a city girl when she went to live on a remote
homestead in Twisp, WA at age 30. Her passion for growing flowers soon blossomed further into
vegetables and fruit trees. She joined forces with Marc 22 years ago and has been a farming and
homesteading partner ever since. Corrina has extensive gardening, food preservation, animal
husbandry, and employee and business management skills. She also is a devoted homeschooling mom,
an accomplished musician and involved community member.

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