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Maximillian Meyers is an ecological designer, permaculture teacher, commercial aquaponic system designer/installer, rainwater and greywater system specialist, farmer and the executive director of the Mendocino Ecological Learning Center (MELC) – a nonprofit educational organization and ecological reserve offering green job training and sustainable living skills to the public. In addition to the work at MELC, Max provides Ecological design services through his businesses Osiris Designs and NorCal Aquaponics. He is passionate about all things related to a more just and sustainable world. He has been studying, practicing and teaching permaculture and ecological design for over 15 years. Since graduating from college with a B.A. degree in Culture, Ecology and Sustainable Communities, Max has become a certified permaculture designer/teacher, water systems specialist and working professional. He has been fortunate enough to study with people like Bill Mollison, Geoff Lawton, Sepp Holzer, Tom Ward, Jude Hobbs, John Valenzuela, Penny Livingston-Stark, and many others in places like the United States, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and Hawaii. Some of his fields of study and practice include: natural building, organic farming, integrated rainwater harvesting, alternative transportation, mushroom cultivation, sustainable forestry, beekeeping, animal husbandry, renewable energy, biogas production and use, greywater systems design and installation, vermiculture, seed saving, and many other sustainable technologies, methods and skills. Max’s work has been featured in the best selling book Gaia’s Garden: A Guide to Homescale Permaculture, as well as radio and television programs.

2016 Convergence Workshop: Combining the Sciences of Permaculture & Aquaponics