Permaculture Action Network: How We’re Organizing and How To Get Involved

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Ryan Rising of the Permaculture Action Network gives a how-to on getting involved with the organization’s movement of mobilizing concert-goers and festival-audiences to Permaculture Action Days – one day events where people build the viable alternatives of the just & regenerative paradigm in their own communities. In 2014, the group carried out the first “Permaculture Action Tour,” mobilizing hundreds of concert-goers at a time in 32 cities throughout the United States to come take action the next day – building urban farms, planting community food forests, installing rainwater catchment systems, natural buildings, and more. Hear a short report back on this past year of developing a network to continue partnering with artists and events like The Polish Ambassador, Rising Appalachia, and most recently, Burning Man, to drive attention towards permaculture and mobilize people to get in the ground. Get the download on how the organization is developing a network of bioregional crews who can connect local organizers and projects with high-visibility artists and cultural events throughout North America, and how you can get involved and start a bioregional crew in your community.

This workshop will include a short report back on what we have done so far starting with the Permaculture Action Tour in 2014 and developing the Permaculture Action Network over the last 2 years, during which time we’ve mobilized thousands of people to more than 50 Permaculture Action Days throughout the country. People can borrow from this inspiration to do their own thing and continue movement building in similar capacities. We’ll also be letting people know the organization structure we’ve developed and how people can join the Permaculture Action Network. As we’re creating a network of BioRegional Crews throughout North America who can utilize the organizing base of the Permaculture Action Network to parter with artists, bands, musicians, and festivals, this is especially relevant for the North American Permaculture Convergence. We’ll let people know how to directly join the network to continue driving concert-audiences and festival-goers to Permaculture Action Days, and to getting involved with the movement for the long haul. This workshop will be equal parts inspiration towards capacity building for the movement in general as it is directly a download on how we as an organization can grow and move forward together.

Presented By: Ryan Rising