Political and Cultural Transformation thru Co-operatives

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Many of us are familiar with the idea of co-operatives as a vehicle for worker empowerment and community oriented housing, but may be less familiar with the ways that cooperatives are being used to renew traditional cultures and sustain political transformation around the world. Explore the role of co-operatives on the frontlines, from the Brazilian landless movement, to the African-American economic hub of “Black Wall Street”, to Bay Area working-class struggles against gentrification.

Many foundational challenges in our movements remain economic: How do activists and organizers eat and house themselves when so much of our work flourishes best outside capitalist structures? Through the exploration of historic and contemporary examples, Effie and Andrew hope to generate critical dialogue about how we can stack functions and meet our economic needs while nourishing our planet and marginalized cultures.

Presented by: Effie Rawlings and Andrew Baskin

Saturday September 17th | 1 – 2 PM | Hops Tipi