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Raya has been involved with organic agriculture, permaculture, and sustainable systems since 1996. She is an herbalist with a medicinal herbal product business, Simply Being Botanicals. She has taught wilderness primitive skills and nature awareness. Two of her own farms were developed with permaculture principles in Costa Rica, where she also provided consultancy. In 1995, with the One World Education project, Raya Cole had her first involvement in international development. She pridefully contributes her knowledge of group and community collaboration to the intern project at Living Ecology. Joyed to be developing a project that aids the work of an incredibly effective development organization, she provides advanced mentorship and training to permaculture students. Raya is currently the project coordinator for volunteers and interns who wish to participate in the practical permaculture programs in India through Living Ecology and Aranya Agriculture Alternatives.

An extensive, advanced education in permaculture principles makes Raya the cornerstone of the Living Ecology project outcomes. Her Permaculture Design Course was completed in 2005 in the Earth Activist Training. She has worked with professionals and permaculture instructors all over the world. Educational highlights include a 10 week internship with Geoff Lawton at The Permaculture Research Institute in Australia and 8 months of participation in the Cultural Mentoring Program for Regenerative Design and Nature Awareness at The Regenerative Design Institute with Penny Livingston-Stark and Jon Young.  She also completed Aquaponics Design with Max Mayers, Holistic Management with Kurt Gadzia,  Holistic Orchard Management with Michael Phillips, Keyline Design and Land Management with Darren Doherty, Advanced Permaculture Design Consultancy with Robyn Francis, and Soil Food Web with Eliane Ingham. Her work and study have been remarkable.

2016 RED Talk Presentation: Permaculture Projects with Villagers in a Drought Affected Area of India