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Robin Liepman (Bloom) is a co-founder and co-organizer of the Blooming Biodiversity Permaculture Tour ( He is a world traveller, here to re-weave the dream of the modern world into a vibrant balanced existence. Bloom was born from the warm coastal womb of central California in San Luis Obispo, educated by the fairies and tree people at the University of California Santa Cruz with a degree in Psychology and Cognitive Science, (and a special focus on life, the universe and everything,) and initiated into the intergalactic tribe of awakening beings during his six months of travel through Central America, becoming initiated into the modern day mystery school via volunteering at an endless stream of transformational festivals. He then went on a spiritual pilgrimage through Peru and Bolivia, emerging with a strengthened sense of life path and purpose, re-visited Costa Rica, and is now on Vancouver Island in Canada for his Permaculture Design Course/Earth Activist Training with Starhawk and friends. He recently co-organized and co-lead the “”Blooming Biodiversity”” permaculture tour, traveling of the North American West Coast, Hawaii (Big Island, Maui & Kauaii), and Peru, with a team called ‚ÄúSolutionary Production.”” This tour was a journey of healing the world through holistic integrative permaculture activations worldwide. Bloom has a solo music project ( and also has a music project called Blooming Anahata ( with his partner Anahata.
Bloom is dedicated to co-cultivating a thriving, equitable, regenerative, healthy and vibrant existence that works well for all beings.

2016 Convergence Workshop: Embodying Permaculture