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Stacey J. Hentschel is the founder of Quantum Integrations / Inner Wisdom. She is a consultant, coach, teacher, leader & speaker. She facilitates the building of consciousness, visionary directed, innovative & sustainable organizations. She works holistically with individuals as they uncover their truth, strength & passion for life. She compassionately empowers couples to discover deeper levels of listening, understanding & love – their deeper soul connection.

As she works with organizations, couples & individuals, they open to higher states of awareness & wisdom from within. Working with the heart & soul, she integrates accepts of the unified field, natures natural rhythms, biodynamic, affirming our interconnectedness of the heart. Blending higher principles of consciousness with her intuition and compassion, her client’s live from their highest vision and gifts. ~ Living in our Inner Connected Truth & Love ~

~ Living in our Inner Connected Truth & Love ~
Conscious Business, Higher purpose, Relationships, Spirituality, Healing, Inner Balance, Presence, Higher Wisdom~ Coaching & Consulting &

Warmth from the Heart,

2018 Convergence Workshop: ~ Interconnected Wisdom & Intuition ~ Accessing your Intuitive Essence & the Wisdom of Nature ~ Wisdom ~ Tapping into the wisdom of nature, plants, animals, insects, their soul & wisdom ~ Deeper Listening ~ Tuning into deeper inner listening, awareness & receptivity ~ with nature & your life ~ Invisible field ~ Opening the invisible quantum field of life force energy & connected love You will love this course as you access your interconnected heart & intuitive wisdom ~ We look forward to seeing you there!