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Susan Juniper Park is grateful to be living on beautiful Chochenyo Ohlone ancestral lands (aka Oakland, CA).  Originally from the Gyeongsang-Do providence of South Korea (where folks are known to be extra spicy) and long rooted in the East Bay, she is a radical activist who works at the intersection of social and ecological justice, practices anti-colonial solidarity, and facilitates group dialog.  She is also a garden-based ecological educator for Elementary School students and devoted to rekindling ancestral Earth skills.  Perhaps most dear to her heart, following a 20-year trajectory in healing and spiritual work, she is currently cultivating a justice-based, psycho-spiritual healing practice that honors the connection between individual struggles with systemic oppression, intergenerational trauma and displacement from ancestral lands.

She is also a community organizer with the NorCal Resilience Network, an organization that is strengthening the connections between grassroots groups focused on community-based ecological solutions.  NorCal Resilience Network is a partner organization to the 2018 Permaculture Convergence.

2018 Convergence Workshop: Cultivating Resilience Through Defending the Sacred Panel Who’s Missing at the Table? Creating a more Inclusive Resiliency Movement,