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  • Roots1

    Building Healthy Soil Communities with Bioactive Compost

    Join the BEAM TEAM supports the research of NMSU microbiologist David C. Johnson, a microbiologist at NMSU and Director of the Institute for Sustainable Agricultural Research, who began seven years ago to investigate compost, seeking to understand its most essential attributes. His discovery that microbial …

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  • Anne Jacopetti

    Anne Jacopetti

    Anne is a retired Waldorf teacher and educator and author of “What Are We Going to Learn Today?”, a memoir and inquiry that stresses among other basics the importance of the natural world and wilderness is the development of healthy children. Anne is on the …

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  • Compost Strategies for Different Circumstances and Materials

    Joe will discuss different organic waste processing techniques (hot vs cold compost, vermiculture, bokashi, biochar, anaerobic digestion, hugelkultur, mushroom cultivation). He will address the pros and cons for each method, the ideal circumstances, and the specific techniques for each style. There will also be a …

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  • Jungle

    Joe Anderson

    Joseph Anderson works with supporting community scale agriculture education. He graduated from The Evergreen State College with a degree in Sustainable Development, and has been working in sustainable land management for 3 years. He got his Permaculture Design Certificate from PRI Jordan with Geoff Lawton, …

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