Bryan Arturo

[image_frame align="left" height="300" width="300" prettyphoto="false"][/image_frame] Bryan Arturo is a permaculture land steward working at East End Eden in Ojai, CA. After studying Business Management & Entrepreneurship in Chicago, he worked at regenerative projects and facilitated socially impactful gatherings throughout Latin America. Bryan supported NuMundo‘s global impact center database since it’s inception and is organizing The Sustainable Living Tour occurring October 2016. 2016 Convergence Workshop: Regenerative Enterprise & the 8 Forms of Capital

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Regenerative Enterprise & the 8 Forms of Capital

[image_frame align="left" height="300" width="300" prettyphoto="false"][/image_frame] How can our businesses regenerate multiple sources of capital? Gain a new simple tool to incorporate permaculture into any organization. Work in groups to map out how real world businesses can interlink and cultivate the 8 different forms of capital: Living, Cultural, Experiential, Intellectual, Spiritual, Social, Material and Financial. This topic is important to bring permaculture principles beyond just farming. Participants will utilize a framework to think outside the box and discover new value within their pre-existing businesses. This workshop is highly interactive, I start by describing each form of capital and ask the audience for examples within the Convergence. Then we break out into groups…

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Sky Blue

Over the last 18 years, Sky Blue has been a member of Twin Oaks Community, a housing collective, a student housing cooperative, a cohousing community, and two small worker co-operative businesses. He current works as the Executive Director for the Fellowship for Intentional Community. He’s visited dozens of communities and cooperatives, in the US and in Europe. Living in community and furthering the larger cooperative movement has been a primary focus of his entire adult life. He's played a formal or informal role in a number of organizations, as well as forming or developing groups. At Twin Oaks he's had many jobs, including, manager of the Twin Oaks Communities Conference. He…

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Brennan Blazer Bird

[image_frame align="left" height="300" width="300" prettyphoto="false"][/image_frame] Brennan Blazer Bird is an ecological educator, natural builder, and solutioncrafter who has led a diverse array of artistic and ecological projects around the world. For the past 5 years Brennan has taught youth and community members to transform plastic waste into an artistic community-gathering place ( Brennan is also starting a fossil-fuel-free ecological kitchen classroom called SolutionCraft ( Currently Brennan lives at an ecological collective in Oakland, CA and is a full-time Garden and Sustainability Educator at Alta Vista School in San Francisco. 2016 Convergence Workshop: Appropriate Cooking Technology - The Fossil-Fuel-Free Meal!

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