The Third Ethic: Practicing Fair Share Permaculture

Intended to be an interactive and innovative experience, this workshop will challenge participants to consider the third ethic of permaculture, Fair Share, in new ways while exploring effective techniques, tools and resources for putting it into actual practice. The verifiable value of Fair Share  – the sharing of earth’s bounty in balanced ways that benefit everyone  – is mimicked beyond our gardens and reflected in our social relationships too.  Its application can help to build bridges into community at a grassroots level, reaching the underserved and underrepresented we work with.  As a real time example, Town & City Permaculture is an organization founded and run by Black folks, working and serving the same demographic.  The Convergence has created a platform and shared its space so that we can teach and reach across what divides. We’re planting “seeds” to flourish in the future, for all. That behavior is FairShare permaculture in action and the return on creating and returning the surplus is replicable! Join us as we use actual garden/life problems and projects to brainstorm, find innovative solutions and devise effective tactics for a cross-cultural application in the world we are trying to grow.


Presented by Troy Horton and Sasha Shankar