Where Did the Witch Go and Why We Need Her Wisdom

The word witch is usually seen as a derogatory term, lets explore why history paints earth educated women “The Witch” as evil and dangerous.

Earth educated women were strong and independent, explore possible new perspectives about the intense and fascinating actual story of why “The Witch” was persecuted. Want to know details of what has taken place, without the skewed perspective of the patriarch? Helping us to find out why the witch was important and why we need her wisdom today more than ever.

Strong and resilient communities are based in a balanced and connected human, we need to understand our history so we can stand firmly planted in not repeating past mistakes. Participants will gain the knowledge of: Why strong women connected to mother earth are powerful and necessary to a thriving world in balance. Empowering women to embrace her intuition and listen to mother earth. While helping the divine masculine to support and hold the feminine sacred. When we understand why we as a culture made mistakes we can embrace and grow a healthy way forward. This presentation will have a power point slide show, interactive participation and an awakening intuition meditation.

Presented by Emerald Figueroa