For youth and young adults ages 13-21:

Win the Opportunity to be a Keynote Speaker
at the Building Resilient Communities Convergence!

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Youth Voices Contest:

“Climate Solutions and Community Resilience – My Perspective”

Perhaps you participated in a climate justice program, have worked at a community or school garden, participated in a permaculture design course or helped your university with a sustainability project. We are giving you the chance to speak in front of hundreds of people about your experiences and perspectives at the Convergence!

Please submit your application to win this opportunity by September 20th. We will accept written essays, spoken word, rap or poetry submitted in writing; or your own video about this topic. Details about how to apply for this exciting opportunity are below.

The Youth Voices Contest is sponsored by the Nature’s Voices Project, which uses the power of student stories to build greater support for green schools and environmental education programs, and a sustainable, resilient and equitable world. Here is an example of a winning essay from our previous contest.


  1. FIRST PRIZE: A keynote speaking opportunity at the 2015 Building Resilient Communities Convergence (with an estimated 500 people), Free registration to the conference. $100 cash in travel expenses for youth winner. Story will be re-posted in various local, regional and national media outlets.
  2. TWO SECOND PRIZES: $50 cash for youth. Free registration to the conference. Opportunity to be on the Youth Stories Workshop panel at the Convergence. Story will be re-posted in media outlets.


Your submission should include topics related to the program you participated in and how it made an impact on you:

  • A description about the program that you participated in – where, what, etc.
    The impacts of this program through one of the following themes: your health, social justice, climate change, your community, your academic achievement, school sustainability/greening, community building with your peers
  • Your insights about the value of this type of program for you, our schools, our communities and the planet. Why are sustainability programs for youth/young adults so critical?
  • Why is the youth perspective about the Climate Crisis important?


  • Written essays should be between 400-1,000 words in length. You may also submit a spoken word or poetry video.
    All authors must be the ages of 13-21.
  • All participants should be able to participate and attend the Convergence on October 9th, 10th or 11th in Hopland, (2 hours North of the Bay Area.). The speaking opportunity will be on Oct. 10th.


  • Contest deadline: September 25th, 2015
  • Stories must be accompanied by a relevant photo.
  • Stories must be submitted through the website.

For Questions, please contact: Susan Silber via email:

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