2016 RED Talks


Adapted from TED Talks- Ideas Worth Spreading, The Convergence is creating a space to share your engaging project, idea, vision, or story TED Talk style 20 min presentations. There will be three 20 min presentations in a row for a total of one hour, followed by a break for networking and discussion. All RED Talks are being held in the SOLAR PANEL: EL SOL Workshop area, and are labeled RED in the Convergence Schedule.


2016 Convergence RED Talks: Resilience, Education, Design

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Permaculture and Art

How can “art” be used to communicate permaculture and ecological principles? How can “art” incite curiosity and delight that opens …

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Living Ecology

Permaculture Projects with Villagers in a Drought Affected Area of India

This workshop will talk about the permaculture work Living Ecology and Aranya Agricultural Alternatives, hosts of the next International Permaculture …

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C Politics

Connecting Across Partisan Divide

Left-right political divisions that should be irrelevant are getting in the way of movement building. We’ll quickly review recent cognitive …

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Main Featurelarge Rob Hopkins Transition Town

Building Resilient Neighborhoods

How do we increase our own resilience and strengthen our communities in the midst of instability? How do we support …

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Ivan Dragon Dreaming

Dragon Dreaming the Future

Dragon Dreaming is a methodology based upon the principles of personal and group empowerment. Drawing upon the insights and experience …

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Building a Movement for Permaculture to Cool the Planet

It’s possible, we can reverse climate change through permaculture/ regenerative agriculture. And the “we” is everyone on the planet. There …

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Plant Int

Herbal Intelligence

Is it possible that herbs are not only conscious but also intelligent? Singing Bear will share some stories about herbs …

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Peepeeponics 1


In biology there is no free lunch. Since the beginnings of plant and animal life the gift of urine has …

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Earth Learning

Community Food Forestry Initiative

Mario will introduce the Community Food Forestry Initiative (CFFI), a national initiative funded by USDA Forest Service Community & Urban …

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Collaborative Economy

What are the ways in which we can cooperate and collaborate to make a stronger, more resilient economy? How can …

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Gu Logo Coral Ball Labe

Gaia U: 10 Years of Supporting EcoSocial Designers. What’s Next?

In 2006 Gaia U opened its (virtual) doors to 40 intrepid actionists–ready to self-design and direct their learning and unlearning …

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Permaculture Mainstream

Taking Permaculture to The Mainstream – Allies and Assets

Allies and Assets is about making use of existing social, community and built infrastructure for taking permaculture further to the …

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Integrating Permaculture

How To Intergrate Permaculture Into Every Day Life

Permaculture Magazine, North America publisher Hannah Apricot will share ideas about how to take permaculture from the field and integrate …

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Ochenda Collen And Dick

Invisible Structures: A Cooperative Model for Local Food Production & Distribution

Harrison Quigley, Founder of Onchenda Open Global Food Cooperative, will present the Onchenda cooperative social enterprise business model, and how …

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Fairshare Permaculturejpg

FairShare Permaculture

Town and City Permaculture will put on an interactive workshop. About how diversity helps permaculture truly realize it’s expressed ethics. …

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What Is Adaptive Agriculture 1

What is Adaptive Agriculture?

With so many categories, ideologies, philosophies, styles of growing food sustainably, it is challenging for beginning farmers to enter the …

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Networking The Transformational Ecosystem

Networking the Transformational Ecosystem

Networking the Transformational Ecosystem consists of a number of social enterprises and non-profits (generally 15) giving 3-minute presentations in front …

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Transition Streets

Building Resilient Neighborhoods with Transition Streets

Transition Streets is a neighbor-led project to reduce household energy and water use, build resilient local food systems, and build …

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Image SpiritShield An Integrated Permaculture Transition Vision

SpiritShield: An Integrated Permaculture & Transition Vision

Raising consciousness is hard work, like transforming the war shield (hate) into a peaceful place (love); we need resilience-centric tools, …

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Learning from Our Indigenous Friends, Teachers & Allies

Let us reconnect with Mother Earth and one another through Love and honour. We can relate to ecosystems as designers …

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Tom Llewellyn Sharing Cities 1

Sharing Cities: Activating the Urban Commons

The concept of sharing cities is getting considerable traction with grassroots groups and city governments around the world. Seoul, Amsterdam, …

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Bonita Ford

Bonita Ford

Bonita Ford – Permaculture Eastern Ontario & LivinghEARTH: Bonita aims to inspire people, giving them tools for healthier living. She …

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Collective Consciousness App1 360x240

Catalyzing the Evolution of Collective Consciousness & Culture Through Design

If we believe that permaculture can save the world, then it is social permaculture that can implement this on a …

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Matt Drewno A Strategy To Growing More Food In Your Zone 1

A Strategy for Growing More Food In Your Zone 1: GROW BIOINTENSIVE Method

The GROW BIOINTENSIVE method works to stabilize both current and future food systems by producing a complete diet and growing …

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