Collaborative Economy

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What are the ways in which we can cooperate and collaborate to make a stronger, more resilient economy? How can we ensure that we are integrating economics within the greater context of life and what is important? Koreen is a businesswoman and farm owner who has collaborated with investors, activists, seekers, suburbanites and many others to create cooperative economics that at its core, focuses on caring for the earth, people, and our future and will share some of the most successful actions she is aware of, and how this can be expanded.

The workshop will focus on building bridges between people with money, and people without it, people from different communities, and on different scales. Koreen will share her own experiences as well as other successful models, in a short, to the point presentation focused on actions that people can do themselves.

Presented By: Koreen Brennan

Saturday September 17th | 3:30 – 3:50 PM | Solar Panel: El Sol