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    In biology there is no free lunch. Since the beginnings of plant and animal life the gift of urine has been a cornerstone of abundance synergy. Come and learn how the eco-san movement is reviving this ancient relationship. We will look at home-scale, humanitarian relief, …

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  • CollabEcon

    Collaborative Economy

    What are the ways in which we can cooperate and collaborate to make a stronger, more resilient economy? How can we ensure that we are integrating economics within the greater context of life and what is important? Koreen is a businesswoman and farm owner who …

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  • Gu Logo Coral Ball Labe

    Gaia U: 10 Years of Supporting EcoSocial Designers. What’s Next?

    In 2006 Gaia U opened its (virtual) doors to 40 intrepid actionists–ready to self-design and direct their learning and unlearning pathways through documented hands-on local projects while creating regenerative livelihoods. A “revolution disguised as a university” was how one of our pioneers put it. Liora …

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  • Lampa

    Transforming Money to Benefit Society

    Money itself has hidden characteristics that many people are completely unaware of. Yet these characteristics shape people’s behavior in relation to one another, affect social norms, and ultimately influence the culture of communities and society. As a group, participants in this workshop will play a …

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  • Greenwalls

    A Toolkit for Creating The Permaculture City

    Based on Toby’s latest book, The Permaculture City, this presentation shows that urban permaculture is about much more than gardening in the city. Growing food is only a small part of the challenges we face in solving our essential and increasingly urgent problem of coexisting …

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    Jobs vs. Environment: A False Choice


    The reality is that we deal with this everyday. We can probably even think about moments of our own experience (or others) where corporations have pitted workers against communities working to protect their health and environment. In this workshop, we’re removing the choice all together to …

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    Collaboration: The Permaculture of Relationship Building for a Green and Equitable Future

    Join Green For All’s Julian Mocine McQueen and Emerald Cities Collaborative’s Tara Marchant for an interactive dialogue looking at deep alliance building with unlikely stakeholders that create effective, authentic partnerships that transform our communities, cities and societies. What practices and strategies are involved in building juicy relationships …

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  • Marisha

    Herbs in the Food Forest

    Learn how to incorporate culinary and medicinal herbs in the food forest.  In this interactive workshop, Marisha Auerbach will highlight the medicinal uses, ecological functions, and niche of some of her favorite herbs for the understory in the food forest.  Afterwards, participants will get to …

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    Unlearning the Patrix (Patriarchal Matrix)

    The Patrix, that unwanted but prevalent patriarchal matrix that includes (amongst other memes) racism, sexism and classism, sure needs unlearning and chasing away. Increasingly folks in permaculture are on to it and this workshop looks at strategies in use by Gaia U for accelerated patrix …

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  • Climate Change City

    Confronting Climate Change, Challenging Capitalism: Local Community Resilience Heroes Converge  

    It has become clear we face two distinct possible futures:  Economic Transition or Ecological Collapse.  If we stay the current course of a globalized industrial model, collapse is inevitable. The dominant economy asserts that young black men are completely expendable,  mountaintops and the peoples in …

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  • Images

    Rekindling a Seed Culture

    The first link of a resilient food system is seed- learn about the innovative ways that  people have brought seed back into the commons by creating local exchanges, seed libraries, regional seed companies and farmer breeding projects.  More than just preserving heritage it is about …

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  • BrandiMack

    Women in Permaculture: Celebrating Our Successes, Honoring Our Challenges

    Women have been leading and practicing Permaculture for decades though not always on stage many have made their presence and voices clearly heard as teachers, designers, practitioners  organizers and activists. We’ll hear from 7 women of diverse backgrounds, ages and experiences in the permaculture movement. …

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  • Hr6

    Resilient, Local Economic Development Without Displacement


    Gentrification and displacement is a painful reality for many families and communities. Longtime residents of Oakland, particularly its vibrant Black and Latino communities, are being increasingly been pushed out as rents have skyrocketed. Come explore creative, equitable strategies and policies for treating land as our …

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  • Reinhabitingthevillagecolorlogo

    ReInhabiting the Village: Co-Creating our Future

    Jamaica Stevens ~ Author of ReInhabiting the Village: Co-Creating our Future What is the Culture of the Modern Village and how are we creating a Global Village? As we become increasingly aware of our interconnection on this one shared home called Earth, there is a …

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  • Occupy The Farm Still

    Designing in Resistance: Beyond Solutionary Permaculture


      Permaculture is about solutions. This, we know. Describing how they see their own theories of change, many permies, transitioners, and other ‘solutionaries’ sometimes reference Buckminster Fuller’s quote “you never change things by fighting the existing reality. Instead, you build a new model that makes …

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  • Relating Yoga

    Relating Yoga

    How can yogic practices help cultivate and empower awareness, congruence, intuition and communication? Relating Yoga is a nourishing synthesis of self care, self expression, and embodied listening. Facilitated sharing with other people interwoven with yogic practices. This is not a standard yoga class! Enliven your …

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    Towards a Just Transition: Freedom Fighting While Healing the Earth

    While transition is inevitable, justice is not. The scale and pace of the ecological crisis and transition in which we find ourselves demands a radical rethinking of our relationships to place, and to each other, particularly in the urban context. Movement Generation’s interactive, whole body …

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  • Regenerative Wealth

    Regenerative Wealth: Community Investing, and Sustainable Growth Panel

    This is a big conversation about the future of money through the lens of permaculture. Together, through this conversation and many others, we are co-creating the future of regenerative wealth. If money is a medium of exchange and a measure of flow – essentially a …

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    Placemaking: Techniques for Creating a Happy Healthy Place

      Placemaking is a multi-faceted approach to the planning, design and management of public spaces. Placemaking capitalizes on a local community’s assets, inspiration, and potential, with the intention of creating public spaces that promote people’s health, happiness, and well being. Each presenter will share some examples of placemaking from different places …

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    Feminine Leadership for Men & Women

    Why is everyone talking about Awakening of the Divine Feminine?  Ultimately, it’s about realigning the human species with life itself. For over 10 years, I’ve been asking the question, “What is a sustainable person?”  In other words, what kind of people do we need to …

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