Confronting Climate Change, Challenging Capitalism: Local Community Resilience Heroes Converge  

It has become clear we face two distinct possible futures:  Economic Transition or Ecological Collapse.  If we stay the current course of a globalized industrial model, collapse is inevitable. The dominant economy asserts that young black men are completely expendable,  mountaintops and the peoples in Appalachia are expendable, that  indigenous knowledge that cultivates our global food & medicine cabinet is completely expendable. We must build a movement transitioning away from this destructive model that directly confronts these realities. Urban Tilth’s Executive Director Doria Robinson moderates a panel with the founders of Daily Acts, Acta Non Verba Farm and Movement Generation in a lively dialogue about creating an intentional pathway – a Just Transition – towards local, living, loving, linked economies, rooted in racial, class & gender justice. They will share their inspiring stories; and discuss their innovative efforts to build this Just Transition Movement in the Bay Area and beyond, from forging partnerships and alliances, building capacity and leveraging resources; to demanding that leadership come from communities on the frontlines of ecological destruction.

Learn More About: Kelly CarlisleMateo NubeTrathen Heckman. Moderated by Doria Robinson