Regenerative Wealth: Community Investing, and Sustainable Growth Panel

This is a big conversation about the future of money through the lens of permaculture. Together, through this conversation and many others, we are co-creating the future of regenerative wealth. If money is a medium of exchange and a measure of flow – essentially a math system to track to the movement of goods, resources and energy, then we have the power to design a new system that truly works. Together we can design an new system that makes the existing one obsolete.

This will be a facilitated conversation, bringing the deep knowledge base in the room into a real solution with actionable next steps. Using the principles of permaculture as a guide, we will bring the group through a rapid design thinking process to arrive at the critical elements that comprise a new currency, community investment structure and ultimately an economic growth model that sustains our critical systems on Earth and enhances the wellbeing of all life.